Week 4 Buy Low/Sell High Candidates

Here’s a list of players who I think are worthy of buying low for or selling high: Buy Low: LeSean McCoy- should bounce back as the O-line starts returning. Calvin Johnson- this one’s a long-shot because, well, he’s Calvin Johnson, but with owners concerned over his reported knee issues, he is an excellent trade target. Montee Ball- should start to pick things up as he plays easier run defenses in the coming weeks. Nick Foles- Owners might not be willing to part with Foles after just 1 bad game, but if you can pull of a steal for him he’sRead More

Week 4 Receiving Numbers

Look out for a weekly article with Targets/Receptions/Red Zone info. I am also going to intersperse various commentary throughout. RZ = Red Zone GL = Goal Line rec = reception yd = yards Giants WR Rueben Randle had 10 targets and 8 recs for 89 yds. 2 DBs. 3 RZ targets (starting to pull away from his typical ‘boom or bust’ status aided by the current reemergence of Eli Manning) WR Victor Cruz had 9 targets and 6 recs for 108 yds. 4 DBs. 1 RZ target TE Larry Donnell had 8 targets and 7 recs for 54 yds, andRead More

Best Television-Inspired Team Names In 2014

Fantasy football allows people to show their creative side when coming up with fantasy football team names. One of the more popular things to do is to relate a television show to a current player. Here is a look at 5 to consider going into the 2014 season that might be fitting enough to go with. The Walking Dez The Walking Dead has turned into one of the best television shows in recent memory. Dallas is hoping that Dez Bryant can turn into one of the best wide receivers in the game year after year to help them become aRead More

Running Back Breakout Stars In 2014

Finding an underrated running back or two every single season in fantasy football is the key to having success. This is because running backs are so valuable and can provide a lot of points if given enough opportunities. The hard part is predicting who will get those opportunities to have success every single week. Here is a closer look at three guys poised for a new opportunity. Andre Ellington People are starting to realize just how good of a running back he is, but since he plays for Arizona, some people still overlook him. This is a guy who willRead More

Bill O’Brian’s Impact on the Texan’s Offense


          Bill O’Brian bounced around in college coaching on the offensive side of the ball all but once. He got his start at Brown University in 1993 as the tight end coach. He later moved on to Georgia, where he eventually became the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in 2001. Bill jumped to Duke as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the 2005 and 2006 seasons. Those teams struggled quite a bit but lacked talent at skill positions. In 2012 O’Brian left the patriots to head the crumbling Penn State program in his first headRead More

Norv Turner’s Impact on the Viking’s Offense


Mike Zimmer may have gotten the big bucks head coach position, but for our sake Norv Turner is the man that will help you win games next year. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though and take a look at what Zimmer will bring to the table. Zimmer started his career in Dallas as the assistant nickel coach in 1994. His talent was quickly realized as the Cowboy’s wasted no time in promoting him to defensive backs coach the following year. He was then moved to the defensive coordinator position from 2001 to 2006, where he survived multiple head coachingRead More

Reality Bites: Conference Championship Round


I’d say that was a pretty great Conference Championship, wouldn’t you? One game was a borderline classic, and the other, while not actually that close, did its best to at least appear close so that we could all have something to enjoy. Let’s break down the games and see if our fantasy expectations were met, or if we once again proved how futile it is to predict sources of fantasy production. BRONCOS 26, Patriots 16 Denver, led by QB Peyton Manning, looked utterly dominant throughout most of this game, though they did falter often at the end of drives. 26Read More

What to Expect: Conference Championship Round


It’s time for what I, and many others, consider the best weekend of football of the year, even better than the Super Bowl itself. This Sunday, we will be treated to two heavyweight bouts featuring, perhaps, the ideal matchups in both conferences. In the AFC, it’s yet another battle between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, easily the two biggest star QBs in the NFL during their careers. And in the NFC, it’s a matchup between the two best teams in the NFC, who happen to play in the same division, and feature two potential star QBs for the next generation.Read More

Hue Jackson’s Impact on the Bengal’s Offense


Dan Snyder has done it again. Let me just give it to you straight, Jay Gruden was an uninformed, ill-fated hire. Let’s go over the weapons he had at his disposal while spitting out the 14th best offense, adjusted for strength of schedule, per numberfire.com. They include Giovani Bernard, BJGE, A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones, Jermaine Gresham, Tyler Eifert, and a promising young QB in Andy Dalton. I can hear the screams already, but they had “the 4th best offense according to nfl.com!!” Using total stats without looking at the defenses they faced is only paying attention to halfRead More

Reality Bites: Divisional Round


Well, here we are, left with the presumed four best teams as predicted back in September, as if the whole damn season didn’t even matter. But let’s take a look at how we got here, by breaking down the four Divisional Round games from a fantasy perspective and comparing what I predicted with the actual results. SEAHAWKS 23, Saints 15 To start with, I was wrong about the New Orleans defense. I said they wouldn’t be good enough to hang in a defensive battle, and they largely did. If you had offered the Saints a deal, telling them they needRead More